Rage Room

"tear it down"

In Colfax, New Mexico Darla opens a local business with the small alimony she received from her recent divorce.  From her own personal need to "break shit" Darla creates a space where people can go to blow off steam in a controlled setting.  They smash television sets, break dinner plates, and hurl baseball bats at old computers. She calls the "sacred space" RAGE ROOM.

Darla hires Puja, a young, vagabond eager to earn more than he does at his current position, selling crystals on the street. They are nothing short of an odd couple. 

A diverse cast of characters cycle through the rage room working out their own personal frustrations. With the aid of Puja’s generous heart, Darla confronts her beliefs about humanity all while dealing with the everyday drama and comedy of creating a business from the ground up.